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We are dedicated to you! We know that the decisions you make today will either encourage or discourage you to move forward with your life choices of tomorrow.  So we position ourselves to listen attentively to your cares and concerns and will always give an empathetic and unbiased perspective.  Financial counseling is an important step and WE COMMEND YOU for taking it!
Our customized plans and solutions demonstrate a process for eliminating debt, streamlining expenses and creating cash flow initiatives that will allow you to see your financial dreams realized. By diligently following our plans, you can live comfortably and satisfy any unforeseen circumstances that may occur while continuing toward achieving your short-term and long-term financial goals.
Our financial counseling services include strategic plans for individuals, couples and entrepreneur’s who are ready to reposition themselves, financially. We will reveal each financial hurdle, expose the risks and remove any doubts that you may have with being successful with your goals. 
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Money's Worth Financial Education

We customize and deliver relevant information to your group or organization in a format of your choice. Whether it is an informative speaking event or a “hands-on” seminar, our presentations reflect our enthusiasm and expertise with finances. We champion financial literacy!

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Money's Worth Financial
As Founder and CEO of Money’s Worth Financial, LLC, I find great pleasure with empowering people, financially! I thoroughly enjoy demonstrating how you can change every “money woe” in your life to a “money wow.” And the success stories from my clients are PRICELESS! With more than 20 years in the banking and finance industry, I have acquired a variation of financial knowledge that qualifies me to offer sound advice. And personally, I’ve achieved successful results many years ago when digging myself out of the disasters of debt. I know what it takes to become financially free and I want the same for you!

Additionally, my business affiliation with Glinda Bridgforth of Bridgforth Financial & Associates, allows numerous opportunities for me to travel the world and share about the holistic approach to finances. Glinda Bridgforth is the author of several best selling books within the “Girl” series and was also featured as a financial expert on the Oprah show.
Monique Edmonds & Glinda Bridgforth

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