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Oftentimes, we have trouble finding pertinent paperwork when we need it. So, instead of waiting until you need it, why not take some time now to organize your files? As the tax season is nearing, this will also alleviate any stress that may occur as you will need pertinent financial documents when filing your taxes.
Do you reeaally know the total amount of your debts? There are many people who don’t know how much they owe and don’t care; Others who know the amount they owe, but do nothing about it, thinking it will mysteriously disappear; And some who know how much they owe and take action with getting out of debt. I want you to be in the last category. Thus, I challenge you to begin “focusing on what counts” by getting the current balances on ALL of your debts as to prepare yourself for the next steps toward financial freedom.
With the recent news of airlines charging fees for each bag you check-in, you may want to consider traveling with an airline, such as Southwest, that allows up to 2 bags (below 50lbs) to be checked-in for FREE. The savings of doing this can be HUGE as other airlines are charging a minimum of $20 per bag, each way. So if you’re a family of 4 and each of you has 2 bags to check-in, that would cost you $320 roundtrip, just for luggage! If you fly with Southwest, it would be… PRICELESS!!
On May 22, President Barack Obama signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure, or Credit CARD, Act of 2009 into law. The legislation will improve consumer disclosures and end some egregious practices in the credit card industry but stops short of capping interest rates and fees. Most of the provisions go into effect Feb. 22, 2010, unless otherwise stated. For more information, click HERE.


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